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Warning to myself – Trader is never rich!
May 26, 2008, 2:05 pm
Filed under: Thoughts

I have always been pressured, by myself no other, that I need to  buy this  and that, due to the potential winning power.  It is the pressure of the rich-train, puffing its smoke at me, leaving behind stories of some dudes striking rich. I know how it feels, the feels of greed and fear. Even at this short stint story of mine, I have been able to strike it, sort of saying.  It makes you feel good. But, the thing is, how often do you strike it? Do you want the sure way, slowly but surely, or the alternative?

🙂 I don’t know!


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Then i cant ask you, how to be rich? 🙂

Comment by Kaaos

yeah well. I mean, not for me tho. Cause I’m not good at it.

Comment by nooruladha

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