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After a buy!
May 30, 2008, 4:19 am
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Sometimes, after I buy, I will browse and look at the counter for any new announcement. I wonder if this is a good practice. I heard someone rich says that after he buy, he doesn’t go and check the stocks price immediately.

Litrak declared some dividend yesterday, amounting to 12c. thats good. partly dividend and interim dividend. I wonder what happened to the proposal of the cash distribution. My bet is it is still on, due to aggressiveness of Gamuda, as major stakeholders, in accumulating 1~2 millions shares in 2 days. sweet, isn’t?

Is it a long term play? Cash cow as it is, the price is currently top, and exceeding 60c from its evaluation (my own) when I bought it. Yeah, well. Its strength is its agreement with the government, and come only forceful change in contract would make it a less attractive company. Still very good cash flow tho, because of its strong toll collections. Yeah, that’s my opinion anyway.


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