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Today’s update
June 3, 2008, 10:19 am
Filed under: Thoughts, Trading Activities

Yeah, well today is not a day that I’m eying closely, but eying nevertheless. Is it the correct word, eye-ing? Regardless, today everything crashes down, except the three counter im eying.

Litrak is hovering around 3.60+, and in the announcement they are trying to get the  capital distribution going on. It is really interesting, but why now? Is it due to the political pressure. But, it is heaven for us minority shareholders to have such opportunity. I am waiting for the price to go down maybe a bit more to buy some more of that Litrak.

Pelikan, yeah well, what can I say. The company looks good, its expanding. The price hovering around 2.70++, i think.

MAHB or Airport, i am eyeing this counter too. Looks good, with the 13.8cent dividend less 26%. Right now the price at 3.00++. It is going to be entitlement day in 4-5 days, i htink. so, watch out carefully here. Take any chance that I can get, and reap some $100 plus.


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