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Good Reads.. and doing nothing else (No buy)!
July 21, 2008, 4:24 am
Filed under: Investment Story, Thoughts

It is a habit of mine to start my day at work by reading financial blogs such as Fusion Investor, Malaysian Turtle, StockTube, MalaysiaFinance. Kudos to them that I have managed to learn some insights, as how some of the people in the fields think and analyze. StockTube lately has some good insight coupled with political commentary, MalaysiaFinance too but with added hot babe pics, A Malaysian turtle has a good twist and story on FA stuffs. Kudos to them again! It is a cyber tribute, I would say.

Malaysian Bursa is beaten down like no other now. People say it is like 1998 all over again, except now Malaysian economy is OK, worldwide is bad (U.S as a major economics partner is badly hit by the sub-prime shits) and IMPORTANTLY, there is a major political showdown now. There is so much going on, and covered and uncovered by online stock blogs, and I feel their contributions have given the mainstream “investment” newspaper a run for their money. What happens lately is a noise for me, but I’m starting to think, what will happen in 1-2 years down the road? What is the level that Bursa is going to touch, before the rebound? Even though I’m not a TA investor, the worry is valid because even tho i can keep accumulating good shares, I don’t have unlimited funds. So, IT IS A WORRY.

It is a major correction, and could be also a good time to buy. Me myself has bought some more of Litrak at Rm3.02, which now is a RM0.74 down from my last buy. I’m not concern much about the price down, but Im looking forward at the next quarterly report to assess my position in this counter again. Right now I’m looking at other counter such as Pelikan and Mamee, and eying Ramunia as well.


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