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July 3, 2009, 9:41 am
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A lot of my friends are now “concerned” about their financial health. They started sharing emails about “unit trust”, and when having some get together, they talked about the house they recently bought. I guess it is probably peer pressure, when you get this old, 30-ish approaching soon, you get to have “some property” to show off. It is like high school, but not about bullying or acting stupid anymore.

A lot of us didnt get the schooling in “wealth building” in school, so it is kinda interesting to hear some of their idea on how to get more money. Some are sold on “unit trust”, coz they sold them. I am immune to their sale pitch already, coz I knew how unit trust “con-sultant” work. Some like to buy property for rental, they talked about how this and that location are gold mine for renters. Some tried to talk about their super-fly job that paid very high compared to the rest of us. *sigh*, and I got nothing to offer to them.

Anyway, it has been long since I wrote down anything. Now, I am out of my country, and looking forward to re-establishing myself in the Aussie.


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1. i didnt bought the house to show off – my parents forced me to… haha.. i’d rather spend the money paid for the loan to have more fun 😛

2. i have unit trust. last year, the numbers were ugly, but i held on. next time, before the economy crash (which is about every 10 years), am gonna cash out. in 2008, the units were making about 50% profit *sigh*

3. i know i should play stocks, but then again, tak pandai. nak invest in gold (lucky am a girl :-P, i can wear them), macam dah terlambat sbb skrg gold mahal gila

so currently, am holding on to cash in ASB.. i wanna get another property, but dunno where to settle down yet..

any recommendation of any areas that may grow faster than others 😛 ?

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