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Investment scam? (VC Gold) part 3
July 8, 2009, 1:45 am
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Emails that I got regarding my post. *Disclaimer – what you do with your investment, is up to u. I don’t really care, but with knowledge you should make the informed decision.*

ni website saya tentang cerita vcgold nih….

dulu website vcgold ni active…… For a company that claimed to be holding millions of dollar of gold, shouldnt you have great website? Tapi, walaupun ada website, tapi tak semestinya betul

saya malas nak reply dlm blog tuh, sebab masing2 cuba menegakkan benang yg basah… they claim vcgold la bagus, EEE la bagus… tapi modus operandi mereka sumer sama… they claim muslim company better la…

Saya suspect sahaja vc gold ni investment scam, tapi ni reason-nya:
1. Awak pernah dengar pasal bernie madoff? He was a respected businessman, now he was sentenced to 150 years in jail. What was his wrongdoing? He created a 65 billion investment scam, like the ali baba or the pak man telo scam… His client investors came from US and European unit trust fund, retiree fund, pension fund (like US version of EPF) and many private rich investors.

So, how he cheated them all? He tried to create a good investment company, but he promised his investor extraordinary return, 20% etc. So, it ended up with new client money was being used to pay old client.

2. Apa business model vc gold? Beli emas dari VCgold, simpan di alrahnu, claim dividend? Ada kedai pajak gadai, ada jual beli emas? Apa?

3. Siapa director, CEO company? Dulu saya tak siasat sumer ini.

4. The best investor (some may claim otherwise) in the world, Warren Buffet, created his Berkshire Hathaway for since the 60s, with annual return of 15% only average… Some expert says if you can have investment that gives you more than 20 to 30% consistently, then it must be a scam…

Saya dah lama kluar dah, sebab saya tak comfortable… walaupun saya dpt surat perjanjian, dpt duit bulan, saya tak confident. Itu sahaja….

2009/7/8 mahathir gmail ade terbaca psl posting awk kt berkenaan vc gold investment..bluedreamsc tu awk kan..
ahad lps sy baru di’intro’kan psl bende ni..member sy dh invest RM30K dlm vc gold sjk 2 bulan lps..
tp sy wat research skit kt forum2 dlm internet ni n sy rase ade sumtin wrong ngn vc gold nih..
harap cik dpt citer skit experience lagi better awk terus cite kt dalam blog nih..tq..salam..


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Saya pun joint vcgold sejak september atau oktober 2008. Sejak tanam modal baru sekali dapat bayaran dividennya…selebihnya mereka bagi excuses aje…Tipah tertipu…huwaa….

Comment by enchum

Ya, in Malaysia it is very hard to differentiate between pure investment and scam. Last night, BNM (Bank Negara) has closed down Etika Emas (same business model as VC Gold).

Comment by nooruladha

I jumpa laman ini,, sama scheme, la.. kena jaga jaga… nanti besok baca surat khabar, sama perkara pulak.. bahaya, kena waspada.

Comment by littlegold

are you saying thegoldlabel also a scam? my friend is an agent of thegoldlable. She has said thegoldlabel definitely not a scam. It is newly founder company that you can trust. She has invested RM200k for past 6 months and received back quite positive return. She currently has many clients who has invested on thegoldlabel. If you have any prove of scam activity, do let me know. I would like to seek clarification from her. Thank you very much!

Comment by Bryant Ng

macam mana dengan AU Billion? ade sesape tahu tak?

Comment by fara

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