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9 of 10 rezk comes from business?
July 20, 2009, 3:12 am
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The above saying supposedly comes from a saying of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Here is not the debate of its authenticity, so just leave it there. Regardless, this saying is quoted multiple times, leading muslim, especially Malays in Malaysia to get involved in business. Which is a good thing.

My reference of Islamic debate regarding “halal” banking system and business system has always been

Having said that, one thing Muslim in Malaysia is lacking is the type of business that they usually called “real business”. There are already plenty of people selling ebooks, ways to get rich from MLM, to ASB business investment. You can bet that any investment scheme is mushrooming in Malaysia. For example, I just recently wrote some feedback on the gold-investment hype in Malaysia. Before this, it was the MLM hype, which has seemed to get saturated and fizzled out. Before I went oversea, the Maybank loan-ASB investment was the hype. I dont know the status now.

All of these investments are the type of no-real hardware investment. What are we really lacking are business such as mechanic shops, retail shops, saloon, hardware stores, convenience store, even ice cream shops. Even the pirated DVD stalls are mostly non-muslim. What I am trying to say is, if we put so much effort in creating this ” soft ” business, why cant we set up real business.

Why is it important to have such business?

1. Malaysia needs a lot of small business in order to absorb unemployment. Here in the Aussie, their government has a lot of incentive for small business, such as tax exempt for financial year, tax exempt for business car purchase, a lot of goodies. Here is the real wealth, if one business survived or created, a multiple of people still have jobs, which in turn these people will spend the money and services. The movement of money will create more business, etc etc.

2. Small company tends to fulfil the halal requirement for a business transaction. Which is, if you want to buy, you must exchange money and goods at the very instant to avoid fraud.

3. More choices for the consumer.

4. Certain businesses are the strategic halal initiatives which Muslim should have. For example, we need halal meat, segregated saloon for muslim women, halal food stalls, halal food products. Even the basic necessity are not in Muslim hand.

Anyway, personally I believe business as a whole creates wealth for the whole community. Business frees the standard limitation faced by any employed person, especially government servant. The energy


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